Can Rep. Joe Wilson be Vindicated Now?

Breitbart News recently reported that Mexican nationals and others were being enrolled at Mexican Consulates all over the United States. This now brings into the question if Rep. Joe Wilson (R -SC) who exclaimed in the House Chamber, “you lie,  to President Barack Obama during the 2009 State of the Union when Obama remarked the health care bill would only cover American citizens, was the one who actually told the truth.

OBAMA: The reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally.

WILSON: You lie!

Rep. Wilson was later asked about his loud protest in the House Chamber during the State of the Union by Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace:

WALLACE: What do you think when you see that?

WILSON: Well, I have respect for the president. I have respect for the
office of the president. I would never do something like that again. But

WALLACE: But you did do it.

WILSON: Yes. And I — I just felt so provoked because I am on committee,
on the committee — Education and Labor. I know the amendments that
were on Ways and Means — at Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce that
the Democrats voted down for citizenship verification. So I knew what
he said was not true. I read the bill. I read all 1,000 pages.

WALLACE: Now, let me ask you, because we’re going…


WALLACE: … to get into the details in a minute. Do you think when the
president was saying what he said there that he was lying?

WILSON: I believe he was misstating the facts.

WALLACE: Well, you didn’t say that. You said, “You lie.”

WILSON: Well, I truly would have said it in a different way if I had
time. And I — I respect, again, the president. But what he said was not
accurate and that’s why I’m glad they’ve now agreed to having citizen
verification on Friday.


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