Coming Soon: Bloodthirsty Tea Party Zombie Movie!

Note the t-shirt of the first zombie. Note how the first victim, wearing Rachel Maddow’s glasses, is supposedly a man but falls like a punk and ends up being a victim.

Our friends at Right Wisconsin have more:

“The Tea Party movement is pretty scary itself,” says Schabow. “I was getting so frustrated with [Tea Partiers] believing this nonsense and I just started writing this screenplay.”

In the interview, Sly admits that he has never met anyone who identifies with the Tea Party. Schabow admits the same, but that didn’t stop him from making the movie.

“I believe the Tea Party itself started as a racist group, honestly,” says Schabow. “There’s a reason why one of the main protagonists is a black female teacher. There’s a reason.”

The fledgling filmmaker needs money to finish his opus.

Politics aside, the trailer is not promising. People make great trailers out of lousy movies all the time. If you can’t even make a decent trailer…

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