Fire TV: Amazon Launches New Device for Streaming Video

Fire TV: Amazon Launches New Device for Streaming Video

You might ask yourself why this is such a big deal when people can already stream Amazon Prime through their Bluray players and a Roku.

The reason is the Amazon brand. Once Amazon starts selling a streaming video device, it will be introduced to millions of Amazon customers, many of whom are only tech savvy enough to use the Amazon website. Fire TV will tell who-knows-how-many that Amazon will hold your hand with this device — just like they did with online books through the Kindle.

Amazon knows that millions who have no idea what a Roku is or those apps on their Bluray players are, will be a lot more willing to move towards Streaming if Amazon leads the way.

Moreover, how many already pay for Amazon Prime but don’t use the Streaming service?

This is a huge move for Streaming and another blow against the evil of bundled cable.

It is also a sign that a massive player like Amazon is committed to this technology and understands it is the future.  

According to Verge, Fire TV costs $99 and ships today


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