Noted Anti-Semite MJ Rosenberg Attacks Andrew Breitbart Amid Fort Hood Shooting

You may remember MJ Rosenberg. He wrote for MMFA until his anti-Semitic rantings became a liability and an embarrassment for even them.

Liberty Chick wrote about his ignominious departure from the left-wing Soros-funded group in April of 2012: has catalogued numerous instances of Rosenberg’s over-the-top rhetoric against Israel, and against anyone with whom he disagrees on the subject.  Oddly, it’s unified some unlikely bedfellows, conservatives and liberals alike.

Rosenberg, a former Senior Foreign Policy Fellow for Media Matters Action Network, frequently drew the most fire for his controversial use of “Israel Firster,” a derogatory term that connotes an American Jew whose loyalty lies first with Israel.  It is largely considered by most to have anti-Semitic undertones and was not generally commonplace in the mainstream until more recent years.  But as Media Matters’s head foreign affairs writer, Rosenberg had grown accustomed to regularly unleashing rants, in blog postings and on Twitter, that employed the term.

Wednesday, Rosenberg unleashed a bizarre, hateful rant attacking Andrew Breitbart in the wake of the tragic Fort Hood Shooting. Why a shooting rampage would incite a person to attack Andrew Breitbart is anyone’s guess, but I imagine the late great happy warrior would be thrilled to know that he is still living rent free inside Rosenberg’s head.

He later deleted his tweets but Twitchy has the screen grabs:


nullHe ended with this:

She forgot EVIL.