Making It Count

Every now and then, I become very aware of the amount of time I waste on any given day–worrying about nonsense, looking back and analyzing bad decisions ad nauseam, thinking about making something happen instead of actually taking the steps to do it.

After a life-changing experience in 2001, I have tried to remind myself as often as possible that life is really short, that sometimes you don’t get a tomorrow, and that making the most of each moment is really what this thing called life is all about.

I don’t always do a great job. I could definitely stop to smell more roses. I could take more breaks to see the world and spend more time on the projects I love and less on the ones that drive me crazy. I think we all make those mistakes. And in a world divided on so many issues–politics, culture, religion, you name it–I think we can all come together and relate to this concept of limited time, of making things count, and of living in a way that will hopefully let us look back years from now and conclude that we had our heads and hearts in the right places.

So, on this busy Wednesday, I invite you to take a few minutes and watch the video below. If you’ve seen it already, watch it again. And then do something today that, years down the road, you’ll thank yourself for making the time for.

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