Eric Holder's contempt for contempt

In response to No Really – Holder Shrugged Off Being Held In Contempt Of Congress:

The idea that Holder is somehow privately tortured over his contempt of Congress citation might be the most intellectually insulting thing he’s ever said… and that’s saying something, because this is the same guy who thinks cracking down on vote fraud is a racist conspiracy.  There’s a bit of humor to be found in the way he makes it clear in the same exchange with Gohmert that he doesn’t have an ounce of respect for the citation, or the Congress that issued it.  It takes Holder all of twenty seconds to prove Gohmert’s point, in the process of railing against him for making it.

Everyone also knows contempt of Congress will have absolutely no impact on Holder’s future.  It hasn’t changed his behavior as Attorney General a bit, and he’s no closer to the door he should have been ushered through years ago.  (If nothing else, the Incompetence Defense he deployed during the Fast and Furious investigation would have finished him in an earlier, better age.  You shouldn’t get to say “I’m not very good at my job, I don’t read my email, and I have no idea what my underlings are doing” as a defense against perjury charges and then keep your job.)  

And what fallout is he going to face in the years ahead?  Every group he cares about will celebrate him as a hero, just as the monstrously inept Kathleen Sebelius will find no shortage of comfortable sinecures waiting for her, even though her callous ineptitude ruined millions of lives and wasted millions of dollars.  Holder will never have trouble finding rooms that applaud his every footstep when he walks on stage, or people willing to pay him huge amounts of money for his Washington experience and connections.  Like everyone else in the Ruling Class, he’s set for life.  No job he wants will ever deny him because he ignored a bunch of congressional subpoenas; he’ll probably never have to face an interview, from either friendly media or political supporters, where the name “Border Patron Agent Brian Terry” is spoken.

Much of this would be true of a prominent Republican held in contempt by congressional Democrats, to be sure.  But the big difference would be those subpoenas, and the way the media would never stop portraying said Republican as a stonewalling enemy of the American people.  He’d be written into popular culture as a symbol of either secretive malevolence or deadly incompetence.  He’d never do an interview where the name of Brian Terry was not spoken.  We all know how this works, but I guess we have to keep sitting through these self-serving woe-is-me performances, because they’re music to the ears of the people who want to hear them.


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