Changes to Census Hide Obamacare Data

You can put the U.S. Census Bureau on the shelf right next to the Justice Department (which, on top of everything else, is now accused of blocking corporate mergers for political reasons), the IRS, the Department of Health and Human Services, and all the other government agencies corrupted over the past five years.  

Beginning in 2009, the White House began directly managing Census operations, a move that caused a good deal of consternation.  Now we can see why, as the Census very conveniently announces that it will rewrite the questions pertaining to health insurance, making it effectively impossible to judge how much of a difference ObamaCare is making to the uninsured.

The new regime of Census questions are supposed to measure the uninsured population more accurately… which means they knew they were measuring it inaccurately when ObamaCare was dragging its flabby bulk through Congress.  One more lie exposed, for anyone still bothering to keep track.

It is often said that corruption of the Census would fatally poison the entire federal apparatus, because so many decisions, and automatic benefit equations, are based upon its data.  Maybe that’s part of our problem: too much of our massive government operates according to ideology and expedience, rather than principle.  Too much of it runs on autopilot.  And far too much of what it does is deliberately concealed from the public, which is expected to trust massive government organisms with their own agendas to provide them with accurate information concerning their performance.  The very last threads of our faith in the system are fraying… just as the system becomes large and powerful enough to stop caring whether or not we believe in it.


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