Jimmy Carter's Grandson Waves Confederate Battle Flag in Bid for Georgia Gov

Former President Jimmy Carter’s grandson is running for governor in Georgia and he wants people to know he has no problem with Georgia vehicles sporting the Confederate battle flag on their license plates.

Jason Carter, a Democrat and state senator, shared his belief on MSNBC. Not content to pander to only one side, he went on to invoke Martin Luther King and former Ambassador Andrew Young, as well.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown,” state Sen. Jason Carter, a Democrat, said people have the right to sport the Sons of Confederate Veterans-backed license plate, which features an image of the Confederate flag. He also said he would rather have people focus their attention on the role that Georgia and its leaders played in the civil rights movement.

“I would like to see us focus on that great legacy we have of Dr. King and Joseph Lowery and Andy Young,” Mr. Carter said.

Georgia has offered drivers the plates as an option since 2003 and a recent re-design is said to have re-ignited debate on the topic. When asked directly, Carter said if elected he did not think he would act to prevent the plates from being offered. That, of course, could change assuming he is elected. Promises in politics tend to come with expiration dates. 

“But I think people, again, they have a right to do that,” he said. “They are not going to see very many of these license plates. This is something for national folks to talk about. We are moving on.”