MI Republican Terri Lynn Land Responds To Dem #WarOnWomen Nonsense: 'Really?'

Democrats have been trying to deploy their cynical and insulting #WarOnWomen strategy on Michigan Republican Terri Lynn Land, who is running against Rep. Gary Peters  in a highly competitive race for Michigan’s soon-to-be-vacated Senate seat. 

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about  Land, who was singled out by the president for special scorn during his speech blasting Republicans in Texas. 

“Very rarely do you meet people who make the choice to be paid less for doing the same job,” the president quipped, as if he knew of someone who actually thought that.

Obama and other Democrats have been ridiculing Land because just like Claire Shipman, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s wife, she believes women know what’s best for themselves, and in many cases, that means flexible work environments that give them more time for their families.

Land has responded to the Democrats’ War On Women nonsense with a fun new ad, titled, ‘Really?’

Via Matt Lewis of The Daily Caller, campaign strategist John Yob explained the Land campaign’s strategy:

The purpose of this ad is to set the stage for the rest of the campaign and show the absurdity of the Democrats’ strategy to leverage the war on women against Terri. Congressman Peters fired his female campaign manager and brought in the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee elections head who was determined to run a dirty and deceptive campaign — just look at the campaigns the DSCC is running nationwide.  

We expect Congressman Peters and his special interest supporters to continue the manufactured war on women but that is a debate we welcome. Terri Lynn Land has an impeccable record advocating for working women — developing management programs that resulted in more women managers statewide and implementing flexible time for working moms. She also has the vision to get both women and men back to work. 

Congressman Peters’ special interest allies are launching baseless attacks on birth control and mammograms that they can’t even find a source for in their ads because they are down in the polls, down in fundraising, and out of ideas. These attacks show just how worried the Democrats are about Terri Lynn Land beating Congressman Peters.