Moving the ‘pro-life’ window

In response to Charlie Crist Says He’s Pro-Life by “His” Definition:

It’s inherently comical to take a ludicrous hack like Charlie Crist seriously – his one and only “principle” is that he wants to win the election.  In some ways, he’s a perfect avatar for these troubled times, in which low-information voters authorize maximum political power for a Ruling Class which views them, not without justification, as easily-manipulated pawns.  He’s not just an empty suit – he’s a black hole wearing a suit.

And a lot of people will mindlessly vote for him, solely and entirely because he now has a “D” after his name… even though he used to be on the wrong side of what their Party leaders tell them is the defining issue of our age.  He’d be relentlessly savaged as a monstrous woman-hating extremist for these views if he were a Republican, or even a right-leaning independent.  But now he doesn’t even have to recant what he said, once upon a time; he merely has to say “no, I’m not a woman-hating extremist,” and that’s good enough for the robots who manufacture Democrat votes.  

Perhaps pro-lifers can take encouragement from the Democrats’ desperate efforts to redefine what “pro-life” means, now that serious pro-lifers have been utterly and totally excommunicated from their party.  Even Wendy Davis of Texas – whose campaign is entirely based on her wild-eyed devotion to abortion – has tried to paint herself as “pro-life” in some nebulous sense.  Ignore Crist’s cardboard-cutout opportunism and take his words seriously for a moment, and you can see that he’s trying to redefine “pro-life” as “I support abortion on demand, but I feel a bit guilty about it.”  He further attempts to render the pro-life position a nullity by saying he thinks everyone is basically “pro-life” in the same meaningless sense he is.  If you’re not an outright psychopathic murderer with a body count, you’re “pro-life,” right?

Of course, the Democrat Party is interested in telling women to do a great many things with their bodies, backing up their commands with various forms of coercive force.  The one and only “freedom” they peddle to the masses is sexual license, with taxpayer-supported protection from the consequences.  This also fits into their war against the traditional family structure – the absolute last thing they want is people marrying young and staying together to raise children.  Removing both the practical incentives and social rewards for doing so is high on their to-do list, and they’ve done an impressive job of it over the past few decades.

The effort to re-define what “pro-life” means will fail, in part because Democrats have never understood how dedicated and morally serious pro-lifers are.  At some level, the Left still thinks pro-lifers are essentially lying about what they believe, and why they believe it; they think opposition to abortion is a religious edict, an opportunity for moral preening, an expression of sexism, or even a form of mass psychosis.  Crist’s blase effort to walk away from he purportedly used to believe fits into that model; if someone pushes him on it during an interview, he’ll probably say he only held those pro-life views to appease the Bible-thumping extremist Republican constituency, but his heart was never really in it.  True pro-lifers do have their hearts, and minds, in what they believe, and they won’t forget the way Crist has disrespected them.


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