The Case of the Missing Cover Oregon $305 million

In response to Obamacare Exchange ‘Cover Oregon’ Collapses in Failure:

So… where did all that money go?  Is anyone going to jail over this?  Will anyone other than a few designated fall guys be inconvenienced?  How about the geniuses who decided to hand out a no-bid contract to an “A-Team” that utterly failed to fix the nightmare created by the “B-Team?”  

Is it wise to allow anyone as incompetent and out-of-touch as Governor John Kitzhaber near the levers of power?  He blew a million bucks of taxpayer money to tell taxpayers how great Cover Oregon is, but it never actually enrolled anyone, and now it’s deader than hell.  He really ought to be falling on his sword over this – the people of Oregon deserve a strong show of responsibility.  Instead, it looks like he’ll be running unopposed, and his most likely Republican opponent, Rep. Dennis Richardson, is soliciting Cover Oregon horror stories for his campaign.  The people of the state would have to be out of their ever-loving minds to re-elect Kitzhaber after this.

So now, after spending a zillion dollars and getting jack squat for it, Oregon gets to become Barack Obama’s latest plaything.  He used to say Oregon was the model for ObamaCare.  It’s one of the few statements this President has made that was absolutely true.