In Statement, CNN Doesn't Deny Charges of Coordination with Chicago Mayor's Office

In response to Friday’s  blockbuster Chicago Tribune report that exposed favorable coordination between CNN and Rahm Emanuel’s office to make the embattled Chicago mayor “look good” in CNN’s eight-part documentary “Chicagoland,” the network released a statement to Mediaite that does not deny anything in the Tribune story:

The mayor’s office was never granted editorial control over the content or the press communications for Chicagoland, and no agency was ever granted authority to offer the mayor’s office editorial approval for the content or the promotional materials for the series.

Nothing in the Tribune story in anyway claims that CNN gave Emanuel’s office any kind of editorial control. CNN is apparently creating a straw man to knock down so that it can release a statement denying something — even if what they are denying is not something they have been exposed as being guilty of.


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