Charlie Crist Republican Richard DeNapoli Takes Big $$ Democrat Money

Charlie Crist Republican Richard DeNapoli Takes Big $$ Democrat Money

Career politician and former Republican official, Richard DeNapoli-  who has previously ran for (3) elected offices- has yet to explain why he, as an elected Republican Party official in Broward County, sought and willfully accepted thousands of dollars in donations from two of the biggest Democrat ‘cash-men’ in the county has embraced thousands of Democrat dollars while claiming to be promoting “GOP Unity.”

 According to 2011 Broward Supervisor of Elections finance reports, Broward Republican Executive Committee Chairman Richard DeNapoli, accepted over $15,000 from Ron Bergeron alone, while thanking both Bergeron and Forman for sponsoring that year’s Lincoln Day dinner event.

 DeNapoli even let Bergeron sponsor the Broward GOP’s official website.

 DeNapoli donated $1000 to Charlie Crist’s Senate campaign, and even when Senator Marco Rubio became the GOP nominee, DeNapoli still contended that Crist would beat Rubio.

 Under DeNapoli’s watch as Broward GOP Chairman in 2012, Republicans voter registration dropped to third behind Democrats and Independents, as well as tallying up the second worst voter turn-out in the state.

Dr. Julio Gonzalez, an Orthopaedic surgeon from Sarasota, is touted as being that primary race’s conservative alternative to Richard DeNapoli.