Faking the Hate At Montclair State University – Muslim Student's Hate Crime Allegations Proven False

Fake hate crimes on American universities are a dime a dozen, these days. The practitioners imagine themselves to be discriminated against members of a minority (racist, gay, Muslim) and aim to push an agenda by claiming victimhood. 

This time the subject is an 18-year-old Montclair State University Muslim student who filed a false report alleging that three white men in hoodies beat him and called him an “Islamic terrorist.” 

It didn’t take long to straighten this one out. The incident supposedly took place last Thursday night. The police had concluded the story was “fabricated” by Friday.

Police at Montclair State University have charged a student with filing a false report after an investigation determined that his claim that he was assaulted outside a residence hall was untrue, the school said Monday.
Navjoat Aulakh, 18, of Carteret allegedly said three white men assaulted him and called him an “Islamic terrorist” outside Whitman Hall Thursday night. An alert was issued to students and staff.
The police investigation concluded that Aulakh’s story was “fabricated” the next day.

“Sadly this individual chose to put our community in fear and this type of action will not be tolerated,”  Police Chief Paul Cell said in an email. The university said Aulakh will also be charged with “creating a false public alarm.” 

Sadly, due to the hyper-PC victim-mentality of so many students on American campuses today, university officials should move forward on hate crime allegations with great restraint and a healthy dose of skepticism. Any “alert” sent out to students and staff should make clear that such allegations are under investigation and have not been proven – and often turn out to be false.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit


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