SEIU Fortunes Sink As Michigan Stops 'Underhanded Scheme'

Almost 45,000 home-based healthcare workers broke with (Service Employees International Union) SEIU Healthcare Michigan upon learning that they didn’t need to join, or pay SEIU dues, causing the union’s membership and dues numbers to drop significantly.

In effect, many had been basically forced to join the union after the SEIU successfully lobbied for 

“Thousands of the employees were allegedly forced into the union under a plan the SEIU successfully lobbied for that classified even unpaid family members caring for their elderly parents as home health care workers. Dues were then automatically collected from the care recipients’ Medicare or Medicaid checks.”

Patrick Wright, director of the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation told Fox News, “Family members were told they were public employees. They are not public employees and this was not proper.”

SEIU Healthcare Michigan has yet to comment on the matter. Critics claim this demonstrates that the previously impacted individuals never wanted to join the union in the first place, let alone support it financially through dues.


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