Dem Congressman's Campaign Site Calls Openly Gay GOP Opponent "Mary"

Just like the media made sure sitting Democrat Congressman Bennie Thompson paid no political price for calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an “Uncle Tom,” so too will the media give sitting Democrat Congressman Scott Peters a pass for posting an article on his website that refers to his openly gay GOP opponent as a “Mary.”

CNN will spend days obsessing over and savaging celebrities like “Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson and Ted Nugent — two men with absolutely no power whatsoever. 

But actual Democrats in power get away with anything and everything; especially when their target is a Republican. 

If a Republican Congressman or right-of-center D-List celebrity did this, CNN would explode for a week. The “Mary” incident, however, will be written off by CNN as a local crime, or something. 

CNN and the rest of the mainstream media don’t care about bigotry. They merely pretend to when it can be used to protect Democrats and club Republicans.

Here is Dem Rep. Scott Peters campaign site where his opponent is referred to as “Mary.”