“Crist Is No Gem,” Says Democrat Senator Rockefeller

The political Houdini of our time, Charlie Crist, has just been endorsed by 9th generation Latino, Eva Longoria. Longoria becomes just another one of the unprincipled leftists,who will support anyone they think could win against a Republican.

But not all Democrats are happy with Crist. After all,  he did work against Democrats as a sitting Republican Governor. West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller recently said that “Crist is no gem.”


Crist then was called out by leftist Spanish-language news anchor, Jorge Ramos, who corrected Crist on his position that he left the GOP because it veered “hard right.”During an interview on Fusion TV, Ramos told Crist that the reason he left the Republican Party was because he was going to lose against Marco Rubio in the 2010 Senate race in Florida.


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