War on Christ in Florida, Teacher Bans Student From Reading Bible

So this teacher in Florida, Swornia Thomas, who banned a 5th grader from reading his Bible in her class, is a registered…wait for it…wait for it…Democrat.

 Yes ladies and gentlemen, a teacher opposed to a student reading his Bible is a long-time registered Democrat in Broward County,Florida.

 Here is a transcript of a  voicemail Thomas left her student’s father:

 “I noticed that he [Giovanni] has a book–a religious book–in the classroom. He’s not permitted to read those books in my classroom.” Swornia Thomas

 The student wasn’t reading the Bible out loud, but only read from the “good book” during his class’ “Free reading time.”

 Can you imagine if Thomas were to have banned a Koran from being read in classroom? All jihad would have broken loose, and she would be canned.

 The War on Christ is alive and well among the Democrat faithful.