Charmin’s ‘Don’t Pee In The Sea’ Survey Finds 62% of Beachgoers Do Just That

Charmin’s ‘Don’t Pee In The Sea’ Survey Finds 62% of Beachgoers Do Just That

Summer is rapidly approaching…and for many Americans, that means beach season. But there is more to the beach season than sun, sand and fun. There is also danger and that danger can take many forms: melanoma, sharks, unsightly flab.  

Now, thanks to the good folks at Charmin, a new survey shines a much needed light on yet another growing problem plaguing the beaches of this great land, though it is rarely discussed…perhaps because the implications are too traumatic. According to the Charmin Relief Project’s “Don’t Pee in the Sea” survey, two-thirds of beachgoers(62%) admit they urinate in the same waters where so many frolic. And what’s more, nearly half (48%) say they’ve done it more than once.  

Shocking. Terrifying. And these numbers only reflect those brave enough to embrace the truth.  

The question is “why?”  Why do so many choose to relieve themselves in the ocean as opposed to making the journey across the scorching sands, over the sleeping homeless and into nearby beachfront lavatories? 

Data scientists at Charmin dug deep and discovered the likely reason, or at least a reason that puts wind in the sails of their brand new Charmin Relief Project launching this summer in Huntington Beach, CA. When asked to use one word to describe the conditions of beach bathrooms, the word “gross” floated to the top. 54% of those surveyed said beaches have the worst bathroom conditions surpassing those in airplanes (23%), the gym (11%) and movie theaters (11%).

To bring much needed relief to beachgoing bladders, Charmin will be visiting beaches all over the country in an attempt to provide a more pleasing bathroom experience. They will be delivering clean and fresh-smelling portable bathrooms stocked with amenities, attendants and plenty of Ultra Soft and Ultra Strong Charmin toilet paper.

“Finding a clean and usable restroom is the last thing people need to worry about while enjoying their day at the beach,” said Scott Mautz, Regional Brand Director. “No need for people to pee in the sea, with Charmin’s upscale restrooms providing the comforts of home. This is one more way Charmin is fulfilling our mission to provide people with a more enjoyable go, anytime, anywhere.”

And if that’s not enough, Charmin will be demonstrating a cutting edge marketing campaign by combining social networking with the desire to relieve oneself. Beachgoers will have the ability to tweet for a seat so they can get to the bathroom quickly. Charmin shuttles will pick them up and bring them to their throne away from home.  

No information was given as to the role the attendants will play particularly in the confined space of a portable bathroom. 


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