U.S. Army New Retro Camo Look

The U.S. Army, under the leadership of President Barack Obama, believes that switching back to the “Scorpion” camouflaged pattern it used in the early 2000’s, is much more pressing than anything else that could threaten our national security.

 The Army is moving away from the current “Multicam” camo pattern, simply for economic reasons.

 Army officials balked at MultiCam’s price tag. They didn’t want to pay for “printing fees” the company receives on MultiCam — a small figure that amounts to about one percent of the 20-percent price hike uniform companies want to charge the Army for MultiCam, according to Caleb Crye, the owner of CP.

Army officials even tried to buy the rights to MultiCam. Crye told the Army it would cost $25 million if the service wanted to buy the rights to the pattern, which would essentially put Crye Precision out of business, he said.Military.Com


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