Video: Obama Earns Icy Reception At West Point

The president was given what has been described as an “icy reception” before, during and after his speech in front of cadets at their graduation ceremony at the US Military Academy at West Point, Wednesday, causing some to question the wisdom of  giving a defensive, self-serving, partisan speech at a military venue.

On Fox News’ Special Report, Charles Krauthammer said, “I think the speech was literally pointless — it didn’t have a point, it was a defensive speech,” he said. “It was an answer to the chorus of criticism, even from his side of the aisle, that it has been a weak, leaderless, rudderless foreign policy, which it has been.”

And he went on to note, “there was no response from any of the cadets — it was quiet as a mouse.” 

But their icy reaction appeared to be about more than just the content of Obama’s vapid, deceptive, delusional speech.

Upon his introduction, he received only a light smattering of applause with an aborted attempt at standing O by a small handful in the audience. In the video below, no cadets can be seen coming to their feet. 

That is what the military thinks of  a president who abandons a Marine held in a Mexican prison for taking a wrong turn, neglects the VA, shuts out veterans from national memorials during shut-down theater, forces suicidal RoE, lies about Benghazi, takes full credit for killing Osama Bin Laden after preparing to blame the military if anything went wrong, and then leaks information that leads to Navy Seal deaths, and then sends their parents form-letter condolence notes signed with an auto-pen.

In contrast, look how West Point Cadets greeted President Bush during his final visit to the academy in December of 2008 – arguably at the lowest ebb of his presidency:


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