Team Obama 'investigates' itself again

In response to White House Investigating Outing of CIA Station Chief:

Wow, the Obama Administration is investigating itself again!  I can hardly wait to learn the outcome from this hard-hitting piece of detective work, doubtless to be released sometime after the 2016 election, or more likely uncovered by a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.  

Maybe we’ll get documents like the ones National Review just obtained from the Interior Department, pursuant to a FOIA request for correspondence related to the outrageous closure of national parks during Shutdown Theater.  The Most Transparent Administration In History responded with emails that had been redacted into solid black boxes.  I’m not exaggerating – literally every word of the emails has been redacted.  It’s “Dear So-and-so,” followed by what looks like the monolith from “2001” turned on its side, followed by “Sincerely” and a signature.  As if the Administration’s scheme to punish Americans for daring to defund ObamaCare was some sort of national security secret!

This is almost as exciting as that time Attorney General Eric Holder investigated Attorney General Eric Holder over Operation Fast and Furious.  It’ll be as much of a nail-biter as VA Secretary Eric Shinseki’s investigation of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.  This Afghanistan CIA thing is a huge deal, a bona fide compromise of national security by the inept teenagers who run the Obama White House, so I’m sure the investigation will cause heads to roll across Washington, just like when the IRS investigated the IRS for abusing IRS power to persecute Obama’s political enemies.