New Attack Website Against Charlie Crist Launches

The  Palm Beach County-based Florida Liberty Federation has  launched their new “StopCrist” attack website against former Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist, which outlines the former governor’s multitude of flip flops on just about every single issue he has ever taken a position on.

 Charlie Crist has flipped flopped on nearly every issue, not just when he changed political parties, but sometimes within hours.  He is neither a liberal nor a Conservative.  Insiders call him “Check” Charlie because he is always chasing money and collecting “checks.” -StopCrist

 The website highlights a recent Palm Beach Post Editorial Board meeting with Charlie Crist.

The person asking the question of Crist needs to receive some sort of prize for keeping a straight face and following through with his question that asked Crist about his credibility as a candidate.