The White House doubles its bet on some bad cards

In response to Does The Obama Administration Know the Difference Between The Taliban and Haqqani Networks?:

It’s been interesting to watch this story unfold today, because you can’t shake the sense it’s not at all going the way Team Obama expected.  The telltale sign is that Obama’s mouthpieces keep mumbling the answers to the questions they expected, not the questions they’re actually getting.  They’re basically trying to pass Sgt. Bergdahl off as Captain America at this point, which is making people who know the story extremely angry, and not mixing well with the online antics of Bergdahl’s father.

With each passing hour, I’m more inclined toward my theory that Obama didn’t expect military people to react poorly to this, or for Big Media organs to relay their criticism.  This was all supposed to put the VA scandal to bed, juice up Obama’s flagging poll numbers, and lure Republicans off a cliff by provoking overheated criticism that would make them look like the sinister creep who tried to abandon Rambo to the Russians and Vietnamese in “First Blood: Part II.”  

Instead, it’s heading into the Monday evening news cycle as a full-blown scandal, with House Republicans talking about holding hearings into the deal, and Obama’s violation of the law in failing to give Congress 30 day advance notice.  Interesting that one of the other questions the Obamanoids seem completely unprepared to answer is why Obama broke the law – they commence to furious stammering and subject-changing when asked how anything about this years-long negotiation could possibly have prevented the White House from fulfilling its legal obligation to inform Congress.  The White House seems to have believed no one would even talk about holding King Barack accountable to the law at this point, not when the point of the exercise was to bring an American POW home. 

If this was all a trial run for further Guantanamo releases to come, as some have theorized, then it hasn’t gone terribly well for Obama.  As to whether it worked to distract America from the VA scandal, we should know by the end of the week.


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