Who Wrote Susan Rice's Talking Points, This Time?

In response to The White House doubles its bet on some bad cards:

For no other reason other than morbid curiosity, I’d like to know who wrote the talking points for Susan Rice’s appearances on the Sunday talk shows, yesterday.

It’s not like she had any more credibility to lose, but Rice told some whoppers, yesterday,  possibly as Allahpundit notes at Hot Air, in a calculated attempt to set a false narrative, as “most voters will pay attention to this story for 48 hours after Bergdahl’s release and then tune out.”

Even as the truth was gushing out about the deserter, Bergdahl, Susan Rice was on ABC News telling George Stephanopoulos that he was captured “on the battlefield” and that he had “served with honor and distinction.”

As Ace quipped, Susan Rice, like Ron Burgundy, will literally read whatever is put on a card in front of her.

Bill Kristol asked some good questions, today, on Morning Joe:

“Those are the people who fought, who fought in the same company in some cases, and who feel like they sacrificed to get this guy back who may have behaved at best irresponsibly and at worst worse. And we need to have honesty about that. There was a big Army investigation-what did Susan Rice know? What did President Obama know about the investigation about Bergdahl?

“It’s one thing to trade terrorists for a real POW, someone who was taken on the battlefield fighting honorably for our country. It’s another thing to trade away 5 high-ranking terrorists to someone who walked away.”

Here’s House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) today on Fox, this morning, vowing that he will convene hearings on Obama’s decision to release five Taliban leaders from Gitmo in exchange for Bergdahl.


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