Sen. Cruz Files 2 Bills To Protect First Amendment From Democrat Assaults (Video)

In the wake of efforts by Democrats to limit First Amendment rights, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today filed a pair of bills to protect the individual right to free speech. 

“Senate Democrats are seeking unfettered power to regulate and stifle political speech, which is why today, it’s more important than ever to champion the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution,” Sen. Cruz said.

“Once Congress can prohibit spending money, it can prohibit almost every form of speech, whether it comes to books, films, television advertisements, or events. The pair of bills I filed today will not only encourage more freedom and transparency in the campaign finance system, but once again put individual Americans on a level playing field with the media and politicians when it comes to exercising our First Amendment rights.”

Cruz noted, “this Amendment if adopted, would give Congress the power to ban books and to ban movies – and by the way, Citizens United was about fining a movie maker who made a movie critical of Hillary Clinton.” 

He concluded, “the American people should be angry about this, and Mr. Chairman, the Senators who put their name to this should be embarrassed that they have signed up for repealing the free speech amendments of the First Amendment.”

The SuperPAC Elimination Act of 2014 would eliminate the caps on direct contributions to candidates from individuals and also require all donations over $200 to be disclosed within 24 hours.
The Free All Speech Act would require that all restrictions on political speech that apply to individuals also apply to media corporations. Additionally, if legislation is unconstitutional as applied to media corporations, it shall carry no force as applied to individuals.


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