ObamaCare Demotivating Democrats?

Aaron Blake at The Fix points out that while ObamaCare is motivating Republicans, there is no equal but opposite force to serve as motivation for Democrats.

Obamacare is a boon to Republicans in the 2014 election; this much is clear. The issue is galvanizing conservative voters like none other right now, and that’s important.
But the real reason it’s benefiting Republicans? Because there is basically no equal-but-opposite force — i.e. it’s motivating almost nobody on the Democratic side.

Writes Blake, “A big reason there are so few people rallying around the law is that, even among those who support it, they don’t necessarily think it’s helping or is going to help.”

Given the broad impact of healthcare in America, to the extent the issue is key to this year’s overall political debate, it may even act as something of a demotivator for Democrats.