Shocker: Woman who lied about 'Mitt Romney causes cancer' campaign lies about Hillary's 'accomplishments'

Here’s Stephanie Cutter falsely crediting Hillary Clinton for Iran sanctions that were in fact arranged by George W. Bush:

As the Washington Free Beacon points out, George Bush did precisely what Cutter falsely states he couldn’t do.  Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with it, or with anything else worth talking about, except Benghazi.  And for some reason, her sad little cadre of apologists doesn’t want to talk about the only noteworthy chapter in her tenure as Secretary of State.

We did eventually see a “tightening” of Bush’s sanctions under the Obama regime, which everyone will have a chuckle about after Iran detonates its first nuclear device.  And Team Obama couldn’t manage to put together the unanimous support Bush got.  “How could an Administration that first tried reaching out ot Iran and then spent months working with its allies end up with less international unity than when George W. Bush was president?” the Washington Post wailed at the time, in a piece linked by the Free Beacon.

Now, would these jokers like to tell me the one about how Obama’s going to keep Iran from getting the bomb, when Iran is watching him hand Iraq over to al-Qaeda, make ridiculous deals with the Taliban in Afghanistan, and spend most of his “foreign policy” energy either bleating about global warming or dreaming up new versions of the Bowe Bergdahl story?  I could use a good laugh right now.