Somewhere out there, right this minute, Bill Murray is making somebody laugh

As we confront a day full of horrible news, it’s a relief to know that somewhere out there, Bill Murray is making people laugh.  He seems to have largely foregone doing this through movies, and is now embarked on a quest to corner everyone in the world, one at a time, and pull some kind of gag on them.

His latest score, courtesy of the Charleston Post and Courier:

Charleston wedding photographer Raheel Gauba was shooting engagement photos of a young couple posing on the steps of a Meeting Street building last month when someone grabbed his subjects’ attention.

Gauba, used to tourists and onlookers sometimes heckling his shots, said he told Erik Rogers and Ashley Donald to look at the camera but they continued to look behind him in stunned silence.

“I thought who the heck is bothering them,” Gauba said Wednesday. “I turn around and it’s Bill Murray with his shirt up, belly out, tapping his belly and trying to make them laugh.”

He ended up posing for a picture with the happy couple.  That’s never going to stop launching conversations when visitors to their house see it on the mantle.

My favorite Bill Murray legend remains the one about him hugging a random stranger, giving him a noogie, saying “No one will ever believe you,” and walking away.  The only thing funnier than the image of that happening is Murray’s answer when an interviewer asked him if the story was true.


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