Rubio Supports 'Death From Above' To Terrorists in Iraq

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is open to drone and missile strikes against the “single most radical group in the Middle East, The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), currently running terror operations against the Iraqi government, and who is bent on establishing an Islamic Caliphate.

That is a very serious consideration that I would explore…You cannot allow an Islamic caliphate to emerge as a safe haven for terrorists.”-Senator Marco Rubio (Video, 2:26)

Rubio made his remarks while addressing reporters outside of the VA Medical Center in Palm Beach County, Florida.

According to Rubio, ISIS is solely focused on “terrorizing America” until they “drive us out of the Middle East,” as well as destroying Israel, which is their stated goal.

Rubio warns that future 911 attacks against the U.S. “will be made possible” if “save havens for terrorists” in countries like Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, are allowed to be developed.

We need to rain some ” steel love” on these cowards.


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