Mrs. Clinton discovers identity politics might not be as easy as it looks

In response to ‘Broke’ Clintons Reported $12M Income in 2001:

I say identity politics might not be as easy as it looks, because let’s face it, the Left has extremely low standards in these matters.  Dump the right magic words, have a (D) after your name, and it doesn’t really matter that you hauled in $12 million and owned two mansions in the year you claimed to be “broke.”

Also, as we laugh at Hillary’s robotic clumsiness – and the shocked reaction of liberals who forgot how fast her approval ratings drop when people are actually exposed to her – let us remember that a core tenet of the Left is obedient submission to your brilliant leaders, who are entitled to live like kings and queens.  The liberal sees himself as morally and intellectually superior to the knuckle-dragging proles around him, so by definition, his leaders must be gods… and gods deserve to live in Olympus.  We on the Right often underestimate the power of this psychology when we wonder, for example, why it doesn’t bother the climate-change fanatics that Al Gore, the Pope of Global Warming, has a carbon footprint larger than most Third World nations, or that James Cameron’s zipping around in a carbon-spewing private jet to make movies that dump a zillion tons of carbon into the atmosphere, so he can rake in billions and then lecture the Little Guy about killing the planet with capitalism.  The aristocrats belong in those limousines, mansions, and private jets; it’s the rest of us who need to embrace a more primitive lifestyle, in accordance with our lesser spiritual and mental stature.

Thus we had Hillary apologist Kiki McLean patiently explaining to the rubes that the mighty Clintons “have a life and a set of expectations that are different, and they’ve been fortunate to make some money.”  Relative to the other corrupt politicians who have amassed gigantic fortunes and comfortable lifestyles after a lifetime of public service, you see, the Clintons were down and out after eight years in the White House.  They have certain “expectations” that they will live as lavishly as the special interests tucking money into their pockets.  Having to make do with a measly two mansions, and painfully admit to their high-rolling friends that much of their $12 million income would be gobbled up by those legal bills, was a humiliating experience for them.  

The only thing funnier than watching Hillary dig herself in deeper is watching her supporters do it for her.  Not that she’s any slouch in that department, backpedaling furiously from her “dead broke” claims by “clarifying” that “I fully appreciate how hard life is for so many Americans today.”  (After six years of genius economic stewardship from Barack Obama?  I thought there was a chicken in every pot.)  

Also, Hillary wants you Little People to know that she plans to “use the talents and resources I have to make sure other people get the same chances.”  What, the chance to marry a lifelong politician, build a fabulous lifestyle at public expense, and end up making $200,000 for giving speeches?  Sure, that’s what we want every young woman in America to dream of!

There was a little spat during the 2012 campaign where Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were basically comparing notes about how rough they had it when they were younger.  Neither of them would have been foolish enough to claim they were “dead broke” during a year when they pulled in millions.  Personally, I find these efforts by members of the political aristocracy to prove they’re “just like us” and know what it means to “struggle” extremely tedious, but it works with the voters, as the 2012 exit polls showed.  The trick is to avoid doing it so badly that you become a laughingstock, which is where Hillary Clinton went wrong.