The Pelletiers Vow To Pursue Legal Action As Justina Returns Home 'This Is Just The Beginning' (Video)

Justina Pelletier, the Connecticut teen who was essentially taken hostage by the Boston Children’s Hospital 16 months ago, was finally allowed to return home to her family Wednesday, and her father has vowed to pursue legal action against the Massachusetts authorities responsible for the injustice.

Via MyFox Boston:

Justina Pelletier’s family expressed their joy that the 16-year-old was headed home after spending 16 months in the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. While the family was looking forward to having Justina home, they expressed concern over her condition.

“Sixteen months ago, Justina was ice skating, now she can’t walk,” said Pelletier spokesperson Reverend Patrick Mahoney, who went on to say parents and family know what is best for their child, not the government and courts.

In fact, Lou Pelletier says his daughter has “no feeling at all below her hips” and is now confined to a wheelchair.

The Pelletiers are pursuing legal action against the Massachusetts officials who took custody of Justina.

“This is just the beginning,” Pelletier said at a briefing with reporters, Wednesday.

“There’s going to be a Justina law,” because hospitals are “taking kids, using DCF to be their little wing man,” Pelletier said. “I’m going to be the guy that’s going to change that.”

Asked whether officials from the Connecticut Department of Children and Families had contacted him, Pelletier said the agency is “not in the picture, never wanted to be in the picture, will never be in the picture … no more government agencies.”

“They’re all gone, the case is shut down, the case is closed,” Staver said.

Although the recent focus has been on getting Justina home, Staver said Liberty Counsel would continue to work with the family and weigh possible legal action against Massachusetts medical and state officials.