Carney: WH Search Found 'Zero Emails' Between Lois Lerner And President's Office (Video)

In response to Darrell Issa: Records Like Lois Lerner’s Emails ‘Don’t Just Disappear… Unless That Was the Intention’:

The IRS is working to recover Lois Lerner’s missing emails according to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney at Wednesday’s press briefing. 

He told reporters that “they are engaging in an effort to find emails in the absence of being able to restore the hard drive.”

Meanwhile, the White House did a search for any emails between Lois Lerner and Executive Office of the President (EOP) and came up with (prepare to be shocked) bupkis.

Via CNS News:

Spokesman Jay Carney told reporters on Wednesday that in response to a request from the House Ways and Means Committee, “We did in fact do a search for all communications between Lois Lerner and any person within the Executive Office of the President (EOP) for this period.

“We found zero emails, sorry to disappoint, between Lois Lerner and anyone within the EOP during this period. We found three emails where a third party emailed both Lois Lerner and officials within the EOP. One was a spam email, and two others were from a person seeking tax assistance. Each of these emails has been produced to Congress.”

So that’s that. The most transparent and honest White House in our nation’s history says there are no emails – so there are no emails. 

“Sorry to disappoint.”