Conservatives Urge McDaniel To Run as Write-In Candidate in the Fall

Pointing out that post-election challenges usual fail, one Tea Party leader, Judson Phillips is calling for Thad Cochran’s primary challenger, State Senator Chris McDaniel to run as a write-in candidate in the Fall.

“The Republican Establishment thinks they have fought back an insurrection from conservatives and now we will meekly fall in line in November and support a RINO who needs Democrats to win? Never,” said Mr. Phillips, who also writes a column in The Washington Times. “If Chris McDaniel loses his challenges to this election, then he needs to be a write-in candidate this fall.”

It’s increasingly clear that Democrat votes, particularly from Mississipi’s African American community helped Thad Cochran eek out a win over McDaniel in the GOP primary. Those votes would most likely go to a Democrat in the Fall, meaning McDaniel may have a good chance at winning in a three man race.

As Conservative radio host Mark Levin pointed out on Twitter, the DC GOP establishment may have broken the Republican / Conservative alliance once adn for all given their tactics in propping up Cochran in Mississippi when the Republican base so clearly had rejected him.