Bill Clinton Not Inhaling Federal Pot Legalization

During his first campaign for the presidency, Bill Clinton infamously admitted to having tried marijuana a time or two while studying at Oxford, yet insisted he had never “inhaled.”

Bill Clinton was mocked relentlessly during his first campaign for president in the early 90’s when he said he had “experimented with marijuana a time or two” during his Rhodes scholar years in England, but actually never inhaled. 

Now, he doesn’t seem to want to inhale legalization at the federal level, either. In reality, he’s basically mirroring Hillary’s position, most likely so as to not give her opponents any ammunition to try and drive a wedge between them.

Rocky Mountain high? Look, I think there’s a lot of evidence to argue for the medical marijuana thing. I think there are a lot of unresolved questions.

But I think we should leave it to the states. This really is a time when there should be laboratories of democracy because nobody really knows where this is going. Are there adequate quality controls? There’s pot and there’s pot; what’s in it? What’s going to happen? There are all these questions. And I think that, unlike where it is now, if the state wants to try it, they can. And then they’ll be able to see what happens.