Immigration Reform off the table This Year In Congress, White House Vows to Go It Alone

It doesn’t matter how many times his majesty is slapped down by the Supreme Court.  The Imperial President will not be deterred.

Via AoSHQ:

Of course, Obama has been going it alone on immigration for some time. That is why Congress can’t trust this administration with any type of reform. 

Speaking to the Johnson County Elephant Club on June 17, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach declared that  “something truly wrong and truly radical” is happening in this country regarding immigration, and accused the Obama administration of breaking immigration law.

“In June of 2012,” Kobach said,  “Obama created this Dreamer directive”- it was basically the Dream Act, which congress has rejected 24 times – an amnesty for younger people who claimed they came to the United States before the age of 16…It’s the Dream Act amnesty jammed into the skin of an administrative regulation, Kobach continued.  “Obama created by executive order something which Congress can only do. And it says, we are not going to deport you if you claim you entered the country before the age of 16 and you claim (you don’t have to prove it, you just have to claim it) that you are under the age of 31 right now. You make those claims and a couple of other minor things and you’re good. We will not deport you if you make those claims. It’s outrageous!”
“But word got out,” Kobach went on, ” that if you are young, you just say that you’re eligible for this, even though you may not be – they’re not going to deport you. And that’s been the policy of the administration. They will not deport you. And why do we know that this is why they’re coming? Because this latest influx of illegal aliens is not doing what people normally do – evading law enforcement as soon as they cross the border – they’re crossing the border and walking straight up to the border patrol and saying, I’m thirsty and I need a meal. I’m here. And oh – by the way – I’m under the age of 16. They know they won’t be deported. They were told by the smugglers that they won’t be deported and the smugglers are right. They’re put on buses and shipped to different parts of the country. The federal government is complicit in them coming into the United States.”
Kobach called what is going on at the border is “lawlessness.”
“The Obama administration is ordering ICE agents to violate the law. There’s a provision that Congress created in 1996 that said, if you’re an ICE agent, and you come into contact with someone who is clearly inadmissible to the United States, you MUST put him into removal proceedings. Well, the Obama administration is ordering ICE agents to break the law.

Something needs to be done, and quickly. Whatever the merits of the Speaker’s lawsuit, it will take years for it to work its way through the courts. Meanwhile, the Regime is lawlessly creating tens of thousands of instant citizens at the border.