Al-Qaeda: decimated, on the run… and designing new stealth bombs to take out airliners

You might have seen some online chatter about a new series of elevated terror warnings at international airports.  The UK Telegraph explains what it’s all about:

Terrorists are plotting to use new stealth bombs in laptops and even humans to bring down a US-bound passenger plane, it is feared.

Airport security was increased across the UK, US and other countries amid fears al-Qaeda bomb experts have successfully designed a new explosive that can bypass current checks.

They are believed to be targeting the thousands of Western jihadists fighting in Syria and Iraq as would-be suicide bombers.

The threat, which originated from US intelligence, had an immediate impact at British airports where passengers were subjected to more stringent and rigorous security checks.

Improved security precautions were ordered at foreign airports with direct flights to the United States by our Homeland Security secretary, Jeh Johnson.  No one seems inclined to argue with his judgment on this, so it looks like intelligence services in other countries concur with the American threat assessment.  Heathrow passengers in the UK got to enjoy turning on all of their electronics for security inspection, plus swabbing of “all electronic items, clothing and shoes to check for traces of explosives,” plus the removal of shoes and belts before undergoing “vigorous” physical searches.  Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg warned that these would be more-or-less permanent security enhancements, designed to catch the suspected new liquid explosive…. which will prove an exceptionally difficult task if rumors that it can be “surgically implanted” in a suicide bomber prove true.

It seems like only yesterday Barack Obama was telling us al-Qaeda was “decimated” and “on the run,” smashed into a bunch of essentially helpless splinter groups after the liquidation of Osama bin Laden.  But now the gang Obama referred to in January as the “junior varsity league” of al-Qaeda controls half of Iraq – in the process recruiting thousands of terror operatives with Western travel papers – while bomb-makers from what I guess would meet Obama’s hair-splitting definition of “core” al-Qaeda are cooking up new stealth weapons in their laboratories.  I hate to think what they’d be up to if Barack Obama hadn’t personally killed bin Laden several times.


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