Imaginary dragons are more easily slain

Here’s a little dose of “leadership” from the most divisive President in modern history:

This isn’t just stupid, it’s viciously stupid.  The point of the exercise is to gin up hatred for a group of Americans the Divider-in-Chief and his political team don’t like, portraying them as oppressive theocrats.  The Left is going to milk every last drop of political advantage out of the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision that they can, and they don’t care how many people they drive into eye-rolling frenzies of loathing for each other along the way.

On a technical level, we once again see that Obama should demand a refund from whoever gave him a degree in Constitutional law, since the Hobby Lobby decision affirmed the validity of a law that has been in place since 1993.  Even if you accept this hyperbolic bilge about women not being able to make their own health care decisions, they have exactly the same decision-making powers this week as last week.  It’s ObamaCare, or more precisely a set of regulations issued by the Department of Health and Human Services under its aegis, that was in the wrong all along.

If a company exercising discretion about what benefits it chooses to pay for is tantamount to tyranny, then I’m being impressed in countless ways, not least of which is that my decision to have a late-model Jaguar as a company car has not been respected.  And it had better be red when it shows up at my doorstep, or I’m starting the revolution.

There’s a lot of dumb and ugly packed into that Obama tweet, but perhaps the worst aspect of it is how fundamentally it misrepresents the situation.  No woman in American is making her own decisions about health care any more, and neither is any man.  ObamaCare saw to that.  You have whatever “choices” a titanic government bureaucracy, backed up by IRS enforcers, chooses to permit you.  Those “choices” are insulated from market realities by billions of dollars in subsidies and penalties.  And unlike the employees of Hobby Lobby, you can’t walk away from the deal if you don’t like it.

Speaking of which, would any of Obama’s hatemongers care to put together some statistics on how many Hobby Lobby employees have quit their jobs over the brutal Supreme Court crackdown on their “access to birth control,” or even how many of them have expressed extreme displeasure?  Shall we compare the approval ratings given to Hobby Lobby by its employees with President Obama’s?

Real arguments are hard to win.  Real opponents with valid points of view can be difficult to defeat.  Imaginary dragons are so much more easily slain.  The weird case for arbitrarily depriving women of access to contraceptives conjured by the Left is hard to follow, but they’re scoring all kinds of points in their passionate battle against the non-existent people making it.