Israel Needs To Step On Hamas' Neck

As we all expected, Israel have escalated its airstrikes against Hamas assets in the Gaza Strip, in an effort to stop the ongoing rocket attacks against Israeli’s living in the country’s southern region.

  The talk coming out of the Netanyahu government is tough. But how long will this operation last until President Obama injects himself into the fold, and begins to ask Israel to back off from their military operations to “put an end” to Hamas’ acts of terror?

  “We have repeatedly warned Hamas that this must stop and Israel’s defense forces are currently acting to put an end of this once and for all,” said Mark Regev, a spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

  Several of the targets in the of the airstrikes were the houses of four known Hamas militants, who are said to be involved in launching the rocket attacks, among other acts of terror.

  “So the mission will go on as long as we feel it is necessary to carry it out. We don’t expect it to be a short mission on our behalf.”-IDF Spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner-FOX

  Unfortunately, the Obama administration will eventually inject its opinion and ask Israel to ‘try to play nice’ with the Hamas-led Palestinian Unity Government, who is running cover for Hamas acts of terror.

  You just wait. Obama will step in.