Obama's Idea Of Republican Outreach: 'I Don't Think They're All Terrible People'

Not since Obama proclaimed Hillary Clinton was “likable enough” during a Democrat primary debate in January of 2008, have we seen a back-handed compliment as obvious and obnoxious as this.

During his speech in Colorado, the most divisive president we’ve ever had actually said of Republicans, “I don’t think they’re all terrible people.” And he graciously noted that even Republicans love their families. 

Feel the love:

We now have a president of the United States who thinks he’s being magnanimous by allowing that not all Republicans oppose him just because of his “funny name” and the color of his skin. Not all Republicans are conducting a war on women, hate poor people, etc. etc…

Incredible. Just incredible. 


Found the video.

Obama began his back-handed compliment by stuttering, “I-I-I-I-I always have to say this,” because the whole speech was a GOP bashfest. ” I don’t think they’re all terrible people – they love their families, they love their country – they’ve got a different economic theory…” (Yeah, one that actually works.)

He then went on to explain how the GOP is wrong about everything, and how he’s got all the answers, if only the GOP would let him do what he needs to do to help the “ordinary folks” in the middle class, instead of only looking out the 1%.