NBC News Fails to Blow Border Crisis Back On GOP (So Far)

Last week I reported on a cynical and highly partisan attempt by NBC News (Mark Murray and Chuck Todd, specifically) to angle their coverage of the ongoing border crisis in a way that would blow back on the GOP.

The news outlet had hoped the rest of the media would join them in making the border crisis as big of a problem for Republicans as it currently is for President Obama. The ploy was to attack the GOP for not handing Obama the $3.7 billion blank check he asked for to “fix” the crisis.

So far this political tactic has failed. I think for two reasons…

As I mentioned in my piece, NBC News failed to do any reporting into where this mammoth amount of money would be allocated. As usual, the failing news outlet did a great job transcribing what the government told them, but other than big fat checks to a number of bloated federal government agencies, there are no details assuring anyone that “allocation” isn’t just another word for “rat hole.”

Secondly, the public are quickly losing faith in the competency of both Obama and the federal government. Over the past five and a half years, the country has watched helplessly as this president squander something close to 2 trillion dollars of their dollars on his stimulus, solar power, and ObamaCare boondoggles.

No one believes $3.7 billion in blank checks will fix the border. No one believes Obama has the competence to fix the border.

And as we have seen in a recent poll, no one believes NBC News anymore.


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