To Eric Holder: Words are not racist, actions are

Fact: “Take our country back” said by Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean. Was it racist then?

In reality it is Eric Holder who is the coward as he hides behind the racial fires he deliberately stokes.  To quote a famous president and clearly a better one “there you go again” Eric Holder.

Holder is stoking the racial fires at a time when his pal President Obama is under fire from all sides for his own bad policies and mounting failures. He can’t cite specifics because that’s not his goal. If there were cases worth charging then charge under existing law. Rational Americans do not tolerate racists as our evolving history demonstrates.  How about stoking the fires of justice for all the blacks being murdered in Chicago?

There will always be some outlier that objects to the president based on race. That person is outside any party or consideration as a rational American. The power of the megaphone that is Eric Holder’s mouth as the Attorney General magnifies his comment thousands fold. This excites the progressive base and blacks and is an attempt to further divide Americans.

All this said. Enough of playing the distraction game with President Obama, his pal Eric Holder and the progressives. They’re a sorry bunch who have demonstrated they can’t or won’t lead or govern. Their progressive ideology, Alinsky and Cloward and Piven tactics is their now well demonstrated behavior to Americans and the world.

Eric Holder is no better that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP and the rest of the race grievance industry. Americans need to focus on the multiple serious issues facing all of us regardless of skin color.


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