Try As They Might, JFK and The Beatles Won't Save Boomers from History's Judgment

Oscar-winner Ron Howard will direct yet-another documentary about The Beatles, because if there’s anything lacking in the Infinity-Volumed Boomer Nostalgia Library it’s stuff about The Beatles.  

Before they all die and leave behind their true legacy of national bankruptcy, too many sexually transmitted diseases to count, drug-addiction, and the passing on of narcissism as a family value, the loathsome Boomers are apparently in some sort of secret competition to see which of their Precious Icons can generate the most Nostalgia: JFK or The Beatles.

The Most Selfish Generation In the History of Mankind seems to be under the mistaken impression that if they bury us in Camelot and Fab Four innocence, we’ll forget all about a hundred million abortions, a drug addiction-holocaust, the destruction of inner-cities with the weapon of government dependency, the loss of a won war in Vietnam and the Killing Fields that followed, and the fluffing of their own lifestyles via a coercive Federal Government looting future generations.

Fat chance, Leeches.


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