Scam Artists Target Families of Illegal Child Immigrants

With the administration’s lax immigration policy encouraging more and more illegal child immigrants to enter the US, criminals have seized upon the opportunity to exploit money, “from $300 to several thousand dollars”in some cases, from their families.

The families are being told the money is needed for “travel costs,” and in some cases, the scammers are caller ID spoofing in an effort to appear legitimate.

U.S. officials warned on Sunday that scammers are attempting to prey on the families of some of the tens of thousands of unaccompanied child immigrants crossing the border from Latin America….

Another group involved with the fraud presents itself as a charitable organization. This is yet another unintended negative consequence of a failed approach to immigration and US border security.

“One fraud scheme involved individuals who claimed to be representing a charitable or non profit organization, which they claimed assists in processing and reuniting the children with their families,” said Special Agent Michelle Lee.