Is The Media Siding With Hamas Over Israel? [Video]

I was on NewsmaxTV earlier today discussing the ongoing Israeli military offensive.

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“Then you’re going to see European nations doing the same thing. Then [you] see… President Obama calling for some kind of halt or cease-fire and pretty much trying to handcuff Israel.” 

“The media will cover it as they always do, and they will side more with the supporting of Hamas,” said Manjarres. “If anyone dies in the current conflict…. it always [seems to be] Israel’s fault [according to the media].
Turning to politics, Manjarres was asked if the Israel-Hamas conflict might come up in the Florida’s gubernatorial campaign this year. 

“It’s not good politics to support Hamas. They [Democrats] will come out and say they support Israel — but to what extent? This is Charlie Crist we are talking about, we don’t know what he is going to do tomorrow. If the polls show to support Hamas, I suspect he will come out with some garb to show ‘Hey, I’m supporting Hamas.'”

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