The Obama Policy That Is Behind The Border Tsunami

Depending on who you talk to, the massive wave of immigrants crossing our Southern border, was caused by A – The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, B – Obama’s 2012 executively ordered “Dream Act” amnesty, or C – Central American poverty and violence.

All three of those answers partially explain the influx, but it wasn’t until one mostly ignored Obama policy initiative was issued in August of 2013, that the floodgates opened.

Tara Servatius, the host of Charleston, SC’s Morning Radio News Show on 1250 WTMA, explains at the American Thinker: 

 The flood of illegal immigrant children, piling up like human debris on the US border, won’t stop until conservatives learn about the obscure Obama administration policy that’s deliberately driving it and reverse it.

Issued in August of 2013, the policy is called the “Family Interest Directive,” and it essentially forbids Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents from deporting, arresting or even detaining any illegal immigrant who is the caretaker of a child. That includes parents, legal guardians and even unrelated adults who merely claim they care for the child in question. The theory behind the directive is that it would be morally wrong to separate children from their “caretakers.”

In practice, what that means on the border – and in the interior — is that if you have a child with you, any child, you won’t be sent home. So suddenly, illegal immigrant children are a hot commodity. Unrelated adults and coyotes use them for border crossings, then abandon them at the border. Parents who in the past would have left their children behind, crossed the border and then sent money home are now bringing them along for protection from deportation.

And parents and family members already in the country who showed little interest in housing and caring for these children before are now sending for them, in the process forcing these children to take terrible risks as they travel alone along the way.

If they make it to the border, they end up in the hands of the US government for safe-keeping until they can be reunited with parents and relatives.

At the time ICE issued the “Family Interest” memo, House Judiciary
Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte stated that the new directive “poisons
the debate surrounding immigration reform and shows that the
Administration is not serious about fixing our broken immigration

But it did a whole lot more than that. According to the Department of Homeland Security, the unprecedented deluge of 52,000 unaccompanied minors began in October – two months after the directive was issued.

A leaked federal government report obtained by Brandon Darby of Breitbart Texas, last week,  revealed that illegal immigrants overwhelmingly say they came because of policies forbidding those accompanied by children from being turned away.

“Of the 230 total migrants interviewed, 219 cited the primary reason for migrating to the United States was the perception of U.S. immigration laws granting free passes or permisos to UAC and adult female OTMs traveling with minors.”

That is a direct result of Obama’s Family Interest Directive. The word got out.

CBS Channel 11 news in Dallas-Fort Worth indeed reports a disturbing trend of illegal border crossers “renting” children to cross with. “As far as I know they pay the families (and remember these economies are in sad shape) and therefore to get maybe a few hundred dollars you’re willing to give up your 7th or 8th child,” George Grayson, a Professor of Latin American Politics at William & Mary, tells CBS.

The price these children pay for Obama’s policy is often horrific.

Senator Jeff Sessions has cataloged an extensive list of all of the Obama administration’s moves “to dismantle immigration enforcement.”

The assaults on our nation’s sovereignty began immediately in January of 2009. Now, we’re seeing the culmination of his efforts coming across our Southern border by the thousands.





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