Cornyn No Lock for Leader if McConnell Goes Down

While Republicans are reluctant to speculate about the possibility of a Mitch McConnell loss to Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky this November, when asked if his number two, Texas Republican John Cornyn, was a lock for Leader if he does lose, it appears Cornyn may have good reason to look over his shoulder in the event that scenario plays out.

Given that a McConnell loss would likely mean the GOP would have failed in winning a Senate Majority, it would seem a change in leadership might be in order. 

Some Senators also seemed to express concern that Cornyn would be forced to go to the Right to placate his Texas colleague Senator Ted Cruz. What sources seem to be missing, or perhaps stopped short of saying is that, given Cornyn has been so easily out shone by fellow Texan Cruz, perhaps he lacks what it takes to be a strong leader in the first place.

For now, it’s purely speculation and McConnell may well win re-election with the GOP securing a Senate majority, as many expect. Some would likely see that as a reason for business as usual for the Republican Party in Washington.

However, McConnell remains in all but a dead heat with Grimes in Kentucky and a loss for the Minority Leader would likely send shock waves through the GOP even more significant than the ones triggered by Eric Cantor’s defeat in his recent primary.