TCM Salutes James Garner With Film Tribute Monday, July 28th

Monday, July 28, Turner Classic Movies will salute the late and Mighty James Garner with a  24 hour film marathon  beginning at 6am:

  • 6:00 AM Toward the Unknown
  • 8:00 AM Shoot-out at Medicine Bend
  • 9:30 AM Grand Prix
  • 12:30 PM Cash McCall
  • 2:15 PM The Wheeler Dealers
  • 4:00 PM Darby’s Rangers
  • 6:15 PM Mister Buddwing
  • 8:00 PM The Thrill of it All
  • 10:00 PM The Americanization of Emily
  • 12:00 AM The Children’s Hour
  • 2:00 AM Victor/Victoria
  • 4:30 AM Marlowe

There are some very good titles here.I’m especially interested in Marlowe, which I have never seen.

Missing, though, are The Great Escape, Support Your Local Sheriff, The Skin Game, Murphy’s Romance, and The Streets of Laredo.

In the meantime, if you want to see Garner at his very best, any episode of The Rockford Files will do.

My tribute to Garner, a decorated war Veteran and star of my all-time favorite television show, can be read here.   Terrible loss.