Obama claims he doesn't watch the news

At one of the seven thousand or so fundraisers he’s busy attending while the world burns down, Former President Barack Obama tried to cudgel some laughs from his audience by claiming he doesn’t watch the news, because he’s better informed than those nattering nabobs of negativism: “Sometimes when you’re watching the news – which I generally don’t do, because whatever they’re reporting on, I usually know about – but it can get depressing, right?”

Here’s a good cure for depression: have a few laughs while watching the Washington Free Beacon’s montage of all the times Obama and his flacks have claimed he learned about scandals by watching the news.

This is one of the things our teenage former President is most famous for: his repeated insistence that he’s totally in the dark about every disaster his government inflicts on the American people, and only learned about them by watching the same news reports as the rest of us.  This petulant excuse is usually followed by Obama claiming to be more shocked and angry about the scandal than anyone.

Does he think everyone forgot about all that, so we’d laugh at his arrogant “humor” about how watching TV is beneath his all-knowing, all-seeing self?  I doubt even the partisan chumps who would turn out for his fundraisers have forgotten his endless claims to be a hapless out-of-the-loop spectator of his own Administration. 

One other thing: remember how the media went absolutely berserk over Sarah Palin not being able to name any news magazines she read on a regular basis?  But now they’re going to swoon over President Boyfriend saying he doesn’t pay attention to them, either?