Rep. McKeon Criticizes Obama's Response to the Border Crisis

In an interview with Voice of America, Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon criticized the President’s plan to handle the border crisis. Rep. McKeon said the President’s plan, while expensive, would not begin to solve the problem.

For weeks the White House has been stressing Central American violence as an explanation for the current crisis. McKeon, who was briefed by the General who has operational command over Central America, confirms that violence stirred up by drug cartels in Central America has created a terrible situation driving many to flee. He says law and order has effectively broken down to the point where even murder has no consequences.

But McKeon differs from the White House in that he sees an additional factor driving the current crisis. “Put yourself in their shoes down there if you’re a parent and you hear the President say– or reportedly said–you know if you can make it to our borders you’ll be accepted into our country and given amnesty,” McKeon told VOA. McKeon added, “What would you do?”

The President has offered his solution to the current crisis in the form of a $3.7 billion spending plan presented to Congress. McKeon believes there are more effective ways to deal with the problem, including trying to restore some law and order and push back drug cartels in the countries being impacted. As for the President’s spending plan McKeon argues, “the money he’s asking for won’t even solve the problem. You know it’s building more facilities to house the kids once they get here.”